IceCube display
LED display to show IceCube event data
EEPROM layout

The display's microcontroller uses its available EEPROM to store some display-specific details such as the serial number, the number and type of LEDs, etc. The following table provides an overview of the EEPROM sections currently defined and used by the display controller firmwares. The EEPROM sections are all put in a specific code section. Linker flags or a custom linker script should be used in order to ensure these sections end up in the EEPROM.

Description Address offset Length Code section
Serial number 0x000 32 .serialno
Display LED information 0x020 varies; at most 16 .displayprop
Display LED map 0x030 varies .portmap

Firmwares are allowed to use the reserved EEPROM segments for LED information and LED mapping as they see suit, provided they stick to the reserved space. Please refer to the different implementation pages from the list of existing implementations.

Serial number
The serial number is stored as a null-terminated UTF16-LE string, as required by the USB specification. The 32 bytes of reserved EEPROM can therefore be used to store 15 characters. See Serial number on which format to use for the serial number string.
// Assuming the platform is little-endian
const char16_t USB_STRING_SERIALNO[] __attribute__((section(".serialno")) = u"ICD-IC-000-0000";
Display LED information
Reserved to store 16 bytes of information on the LED type, RGB color order, LED count...
Display LED map
Since the electrical connections between the LEDs is very likely to be different from the sequential string numbers, space is reserved to store a mapping of buffer offsets to the physical layout of LEDs.