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frame_timer_backend.h File Reference

Frame draw timing backend. More...

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 Frame timer counter resolution in bits. More...


Frame timer backend
void init_frame_timer_backend (void(*timer_callback)())
 Initialise the frame timer. More...
int8_t get_counter_direction ()
 Counter direction. More...
timer_count_t get_counts_max ()
 The maximum (roll-over/reset) value of the timer.
timer_count_t get_counts_current ()
 Get the current counter value of the timer.
void correct_counts_max (timer_diff_t diff)
 Add diff to the current maximum value of the counter. More...

Detailed Description

Frame draw timing backend.

Platform specific implementation of the frame timer. The frame draw frequency can be changed with correct_counts_max(), which modifies the frame draw interval. This allows for small corrections to be made such that multiple devices can run at approximately the same frame draw frequency.

Sander Vanheule (Universiteit Gent)

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Frame timer counter resolution in bits.

Preferably supplied as a compiler flag. If not defined, a warning will be issued and the timer resolution will be assumed to be equal to the width of int on the platform.