IceCube display
LED display to show IceCube event data
Remote rendering

Remote rendering of display content. More...

Data Structures

struct  frame_transfer_state_t
 State of the current remote frame transfer. More...


void remote_renderer_init ()
 Initialise the remote renderer internal state by acquiring a frame buffer.
void remote_renderer_halt ()
 Stall the remote renderer's endpoint and free frame buffer resources.
void remote_renderer_stop ()
 Free resources associated with the remote frame transfers. Does not stall the endpoint.
struct frame_transfer_state_tremote_renderer_get_transfer_state ()
void remote_renderer_transfer_done ()

Detailed Description

Remote rendering of display content.

See also
Frame data transfer over USB

Function Documentation

◆ remote_renderer_get_transfer_state()

struct frame_transfer_state_t* remote_renderer_get_transfer_state ( )

Get the current remote frame transfer state. If the state pointers are NULL, this indicates that no display frame buffer could be allocated and the remote communications should be halted.

◆ remote_renderer_transfer_done()

void remote_renderer_transfer_done ( )

Submit the current frame to the frame queue. Will halt the endpoint if no room was available in the frame queue.