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Configuration management

Manage USB device endpoint configurations. More...


bool valid_configuration_index (int8_t index)
bool set_configuration_index (int8_t index)
int8_t get_configuration_index ()
const struct configuration_t * get_configuration_P (int8_t index)

Detailed Description

Manage USB device endpoint configurations.

Function Documentation

◆ get_configuration_index()

int8_t get_configuration_index ( )

Get the current configuration index.

-1 if no configuration was previously selected, 0 or a positive value otherwise.

◆ set_configuration_index()

bool set_configuration_index ( int8_t  index)

Select device configuration with index index.

true if the new configuration was selected, false otherwise.

◆ valid_configuration_index()

bool valid_configuration_index ( int8_t  index)

Check whether the given configuration index index is valid. Index 0 will always return true as this is required by all USB devices.