IceCube display
LED display to show IceCube event data
remote.h File Reference

Remote connection interface. More...

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void init_remote ()
 Initialise the remote connection. More...
bool is_remote_connected ()
 Check remote connection. More...
void ep1_init ()
 Custom initialisation function for endpoint 1: the bulk endpoint for frame data transfers.

Detailed Description

Remote connection interface.

When using the remote connection on the hardware, the corrected ports and internal state need to be initialised first with init_remote(). is_remote_connected() can then be used to determine whether there is an active connection. The firmware can use this to switch off any local renderer, and wait for incoming data on the connection.

Sander Vanheule (Universiteit Gent)
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Function Documentation

◆ init_remote()

void init_remote ( )

Initialise the remote connection.

If this is not called, is_remote_connected() will always return false

◆ is_remote_connected()

bool is_remote_connected ( )

Check remote connection.

true if there is an active connection between the display and another device, false otherwise.