IceCube display
LED display to show IceCube event data
dp_tlv_item_t Struct Reference

Item in a TLV list. More...

Data Fields

uint8_t type
 Type of display data.
uint8_t length
 Length of this field's data not including the two type and length bytes.
enum memspace_t memspace
 Memory region the TLV data resides in.
const void * data
 Pointer to the memory block contain the TLV data.

Detailed Description

Item in a TLV list.

Type-length-value or TLV lists provide a storage object for multiple data types. The type provides an identifier which can be used to interpret the data, while the length ensures this interpretation is not required to correctly parse the list. The value is provided as a pointer to the data, with an associated memspace indication.

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