The switch has 8 RJ45 ports and 2 SFP ports, all gigabit capable.

  • Macronix MX25L25635F 32MB flash
  • Nanya NT5CC256M8IN-D1 256MB DDR3 SDRAM
  • Realtek RTL8231 GPIO extender/LED driver

2 Uplink ports are SFP cages which support 1000 Base-X mini GBIC modules.

Power is supplied via 100-240V AC type C13 connector.

An unpopulated Serial header is found at J6. Pins are Vcc(3.3V, Square), TX, RX and GND. Serial connection is via 115200 baud, 8N1.


The UART is broken out to unpopulated header J6:

  • J6.1 (left): possibly 3.3V
  • J6.2: TX
  • J6.3: RX
  • J6.4: GND
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