The switch is a 8 Gigabit L2 switch with 4-Port PoE+.

  • Winbond W25Q256JVFQ 32MB NOR flash
  • Nanya NT5CC128M16JR 256MB DDR3L SDRAM
  • Realtek RTL8231 GPIO extender/LED driver
  • TI TPS23861 IEEE 802.3at Quad Port Power-over-Ethernet PSE Controller

Power is supplied via a 53.5V 1.31A barrel connector.


The UART is broken out to unpopulated header J2

The footprints R27 (0201) and R28 (0402) are not populated. To enable serial console, 50 ohm resistors should be soldered – any value from 0 ohm to 50 ohm will work. R27 can be replaced by a solder bridge.

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