Unifi Switch Lite 8 PoE

A fanless 8-port switch with 4 PoE+ ports. Rated PoE power budget is 52W.


  • SoC: RTL8380M
  • RAM: 128MiB DDR3 (Winbond W631GG8MB-15)
  • Flash: 16MiB SPI NOR (Macronix MX25L12835FMI-10G)
  • Ethernet ports:
    • 1-8: SoC's internal RTL8218B
  • PoE: Microsemi platform
    • 1x TI TPS23754 PoE Interface and DC/DC Controller
    • 1× Microsemi PD69104B1 4-Port PSE controller/manager
  • Power supply: 54V/1.1A barrel plug, provides power for PoE and switch functions. Low voltage power is managed by an internal TPS23754 802.3at PD controller.

USW-Lite-8-PoE Top USW-Lite-8-PoE Bottom

  • U-Boot usw-US_v1.0.25.77 (Realtek MSDK-4.8.5p1 Build 2220)
  • Linux 3.18.24
  • Based on boot log it may be derived from OpenWrt
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