IceCube display
LED display to show IceCube event data
Display driver

LED communication interface. More...

Display initialisation

void init_display_driver ()
 Initialise the hardware required for driving the display. Must be called before display_frame().

Display updating

void display_frame (struct frame_buffer_t *buffer)
 Write a frame out to the display from the given frame buffer. More...
void display_blank ()
 Turn all the LEDs off. More...

Detailed Description

LED communication interface.

Provides proper initialisation of the hardware required to drive the display LEDs. After initialisation, frame buffers can be displayed. Display clearing is supported separately by display_blank() as it may be possible to provide a more efficient implementation compared to just writing a empty frame buffer.

Function Documentation

◆ display_blank()

void display_blank ( )

Turn all the LEDs off.

This achieves the same effect as calling display_frame() with an all-zero frame buffer but is more efficient since it requires less memory and time to run.

◆ display_frame()

void display_frame ( struct frame_buffer_t buffer)

Write a frame out to the display from the given frame buffer.

During the write-out, the FRAME_DRAW_IN_PROGRESS flag will be set on the frame.

bufferValid point to a frame buffer. Must not be a null-pointer!