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control_transfer_t Struct Reference

Control transfer state tracking. More...

Data Fields

enum control_stage_t stage
 Stage the request is currently in.
const struct usb_setup_packet_treq
 Setup request that is currently being handled.
void * data
 Data to be transmitted to/from the host.
uint16_t data_length
 Total length of data.
uint16_t data_done
 Transmitted length of data.
void(* callback_data )(struct control_transfer_t *transfer)
void(* callback_handshake )(struct control_transfer_t *transfer)
 Function to be called after the ZLP handshake is sent/received.
void(* callback_cancel )(struct control_transfer_t *transfer)
 Cleanup function to be called when the transfer is cancelled.

Detailed Description

Control transfer state tracking.

Field Documentation

◆ callback_data

void(* control_transfer_t::callback_data) (struct control_transfer_t *transfer)

Function to be called when new data is received or sent. When the transfer is completed, this callback should move the transfer into the handshake phase.

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