Edge-corE ECS2100-10T

The ECS2100-10T is a 8-port Gigabit L2 switch with 2 SFP ports and a fan-less design.

  • Spansion S25FS256S (32MB flash)
  • Nanya NT5CC256M8IN (256MB DDR3 SDRAM)
  • 2x RTL8231 GPIO extender to control the port LEDs, system LED and a reset button.

2 Uplink ports are SFP cages which support 1000 Base-X tmini GBIC modules.

Power is supplied via a 100-240V Type C13 connector.

An RJ45 Serial console is found on the front panel to right of SFP ports. Serial connection is via 115200 baud, 8N1.

It ships with U-Boot 2011.12 and Linux version 2.6.19 based on Realtek's MSDK-4.3.6 Build 104.

It has a web interface for all management functions available from the default IP address and subnet mask for the switch is and, with no default gateway.


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