TP-LINK TL-ST1008F v2.0

The TP-LINK TL-ST1008F v2.0 is a very cheap 8-port 10 gigabit switch with SFP+ ports. It is officially sold as an unmanaged switch, but the RTL9303 SoC can act as a managed switch.

  • RTL9303 SoC
  • Winbond 25Q256JVFQ (32MiB)
  • 512MiB DDR3 SDRAM (unknown chip)
  • 3x 74HC164 Shift registers for controlling 3 LEDs per port (24 total)
  • TCA9534A 8-line I²C IO expander (purpose currently unknown)
  • 1 tri-state switch (used for selecting 2.5Gbps mode on stock firmware)
  • 2x TPS568230 buck regulators
  • PT7A7514WE Power supervisor / reset generator


A de-heatsinked photo of the V1 of the switch

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